why choose clarendon park?

Our service delivery is underpinned by our commitment to:


Give clear and honest advice


Represent you professionally


Be focussed on your best interests


Communicate effectively with you


Help you to achieve your goals


Ensure your experience in potentially difficult times is a pleasant one

SUMMARY Of services

The services we offer can be broadly split into 4 categories:

Consultations enable you to seek advice in relation to your immigration matter with an experienced immigration barrister.

There is no obligation to engage us for any further work after a consultation. Consultations can be helpful in deciding what steps to take next, to understand the options available to you, to get a second opinion on a matter, to get guidance before taking next steps, or so that somebody can check an application or documentation prepared for a court hearing.

Meetings can take place in person at one of our offices, by telephone, by Skype or any other video conferencing methods.

After each consultation you will be provided with a written summary (at an extra charge) of the matters discussed at the meetings and the advice provided to you.

Clients often find consultations a cost-effective way of ensuring that they are making the right decisions and preparing paperwork properly without having to pay for one of our barristers to undertake all of the work on their behalf.

It means you get the benefit of our expertise and experience even if you are unable to entrust carrying out the work to us.

We will assist you with preparing and submitting in-country/out of country applications to the Home Office.

It is vital to think carefully about which application should be made, how your case should be presented and what evidence should be presented in support of your application. Poor preparation is one of the biggest reasons why applications are refused, and while the ultimate decision in applications is out of your hands, you can increase the chances of success by ensuring proper thought and care goes into the preparation of your application.

We treat each client with the individual respect and attention they deserve. Your application will be prepared based on your particular individual circumstances- it will be bespoke. We will advise you on every aspect of the application process, and ensure that your application is presented in the best way possible.

The amount of work required will vary from case to case. We will agree with you precisely what work we will be undertaking before your instructions to us are finalised.

You might want to prepare the application yourself or ask somebody else to prepare the application for you. We are happy to assist you in these circumstances by providing advice and a document checking service through individual consultations.

  • Provide you with a dedicated representative who will be responsible for your matter from start to finish.
  • Help you identify which application you should make.
  • Advise you what the requirements are for making a successful application
  • Advise you with respect to the documentary evidence you need to provide
  • Check all supporting documents
  • Help you complete the relevant application forms
  • Help you with the drafting of any witness statements required
  • Prepare a covering letter to be sent with your application which will explain to the Home Office what application you are making, how you meet the requirements of the Immigration Rules, and what evidence in support of your application you are providing

  • Prepare your application bundle for submission to the Home Office

  • Receive all correspondence with regard to your application until a decision is made

  • Provide you with advice and support throughout the process

  • Provide you with advice once a decision from the Home Office has been received

We routinely represent clients at the First Tier Tribunal, Upper Tribunal, High Court and Court of Appeal.

We can assist you with all challenges to decisions of the Home Office including Administrative Review applications, appeals to the Tribunal and Judicial Review challenges. Such proceedings require expertise and experience, careful preparation and judgment, and advocacy services at the hearing. Each case is very different and the work involved in preparing and presenting any case will vary. We will ensure that you are provided with the appropriate advice, support, expertise and experience in preparing for and presenting your case.

Court proceedings can be lengthy, stressful and expensive. We understand that by this stage clients will have spent an enormous amount of money on legal fees and Home Office fees and might have difficulty accessing regular income. Our commitment to each case is such that we prefer to see cases through to the end.

For this reason, we offer varying levels of services so that clients are able to benefit from our advice, expertise and support notwithstanding constrained financial circumstances.

Immigration detention is a very specialised field in which we have considerable expertise and experience. We are able to provide a full range of services for detained clients.

Facing the prospect of enforced removal, particularly when in immigration detention, is extremely stressful. At such a time it is imperative to get good, honest and clear advice. It is also imperative that your case is managed diligently, robustly, and with a clear strategy in mind. We have vast experience in dealing with clients in such circumstances and we will be able to respond quickly in emergencies and will be able to work out of hours to ensure your matter is dealt with properly.

We have an excellent track record representing clients in such difficult circumstances. If we feel that there is limited assistance we can provide, we will be honest with you and give you a clear assessment of the prospects of success form the outset in order to ensure you do not waste money in fighting a lost cause. Where we feel there is merit in your case, we will leave no stone unturned and fight relentlessly on your behalf to prevent removal, and to ensure your case is presented in the best possible way and receives the careful consideration it deserves.

  • Bail applications

  • Challenging removal/urgent injunctions

  • Challenging detention by way of Judicial review claim

  • Seeking damages for unlawful detention by way of County Court/High Court proceedings.

platinum service

Ask about our platinum service

  • You will be provided with an out of hours number that you will be able to contact us on at any time of the day
  • Daily updates in relation to your case by your preferred means of communication
  • Out of hours consultations as and when required
  • Responding to queries within the hour
  • Consultations at home or client’s preferred venue
  • In addition to a dedicated lawyer, direct access to dedicated support staff
  • Concierge service to assist with non-legal matters that arise during the immigration process
Clarendon Park Chambers is committed to providing a first rate service to all of its clients. However, if you feel that we have fallen short in any aspect of our service, we welcome your feedback. Please send an email to enquiries@cpclaw.co.uk marked for the attention of Mr S.Hingora. You can download a copy of our complaints procedure here.
Clients can complain to the Legal Ombudsman if they are unhappy with the final response to their complaint, or if their complaint has not been dealt with in eight weeks. Clients can search the Bar Standards Board Barristers’ Register to find out further information about individual barristers.
Visit our complaints page for more information