Unlawful Detention

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Unlawful Detention

Detention is a life changing experience that causes shock and humiliation initially, and results in long term impacts that affect people differently. Some can be traumatized to such an extent that they develop mental health difficulties. The conditions of detention are often very poor, and the uncertainty as to the length of immigration detention is particularly difficult to deal with. Added to all this is the threat hanging over the detainees head that he/she could be removed from the UK at any time.

Many people understandably want to hold the government to account for their detention and claim compensation. If you want to explore this, we are able to represent you on the basis of a conditional fee agreement that means that you will not have to pay for our services unless your claim is successful.

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Compensation Claims

We have many years of experience with such claims for damages. This includes claims for damages by way of judicial review, claims at the County Court, and claims at the High Court. Many of our clients have successfully claims tens of thousands of pounds in compensation for their unjust and unlawful detention by the Home Office.

The limitation period for claiming damages for unlawful detention is six years. If you have been detained within the past six years, contact us for a free assessment of your claim.

At CPC, we believe in lawful treatment for all, regardless of immigration status. 

We have secured some of the biggest damages awards against the Home Office:

  • The Queen on the application of Santos v SSHD [2016] EWHC 609 (Admin) – £136,048
  • The Queen on the application of Eroje v SSHD [2018] EWHC 1010 (Admin) –  £32,000
  • Adel Maarouf v Home Office, Case No: E00CL226 – £35,000
  • Fabian Evans v Home Office (settled out of court) – £45,000
  • Nadra Almas v Home Office, Case No: H14YJ673 – £98,000
  • CK v Home Office (settled out of court) – £110,000
  • Vincent Stewart v Home Office, Case No: H41YJ317 – £203,500
  • Damion Thompson v Home Office (settled out of court) – £28,000

We are able to represent on a CFA basis (conditional fee agreement) so that you will not have to pay anything for our services unless you are successful in securing damages.

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your case.

We pride ourselves on the service standards we deliver to our clients

13:04 30 Mar 24
I can not express enough gratitude for the outstanding legal support I received from the legal team of Clarendon Park Chambers during my brother's case. Their expertise, dedication, and unwavering commitment to the case resulted in a truly favorable outcome. From the beginning, they provided us with clear guidance and realistic expectations. Kept us informed and involved in the process. Thanks to their tireless efforts, my brother can look forward to a future filled with possibilities for him and his family. I highly recommend Clarendon Park Chambers to anyone in need of excellent legal representation.
aashiya patelaashiya patel
20:03 28 Mar 24
I am absolutely delighted with the result When I came to you I was utterly side swiped with the situation Just wanted to thank you for the way you have deal with my situation For me your service was above excellence, huge thanks to Mr Zainul jafferji and Udit Aggarwal for all the help you gave me. Udit is very knowledgeable, very professional, helpful and friendly, He was always available to talk and Udit was really helpful Great team would highly recommend .
14:08 27 Mar 24
I count myself fortunate that I found Clarendon Park Chambers. Their integrity and expertise is unmatched, in my opinion. I cannot recommend this law firm highly enough! Much thanks especially to the brilliant Hannah, without her guidance and wealth of knowledge, I would not have known how to proceed with my case. I am beyond grateful to be represented by the experts at Clarendon. Thank you with sincerity, from Regina R.
Nadeem AnjumNadeem Anjum
14:10 31 Jan 24
Mr Sheraaz Hingora was superb today. He represented my son in his appeal at the first tier tribunal. He is very knowledgeable and made it easy for me to understand the issues. He managed to get the home office to concede points and the judge thanked him a lot for his legal argument. He is brilliant
Mani StoneMani Stone
18:51 06 Jan 24
Very good service. Mr Huzefa Broachwalla represented me in the appeal on Thursday and I am very please and grateful with the outcome. He was a very heartful person and did an amazing job in both the preparation and on court. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a very responsible, warm and talented Barrister to represent them. Once again, many thanks to him and his team for their effort in getting a successful appeal. Thank you!
sinju paulosesinju paulose
02:15 17 Dec 23
I would like to express my utmost appreciation to Clarendon Park Chambers for their exceptional assistance in obtaining visas for myself and my family. Their expertise, professionalism, and dedication throughout the process were truly commendable.From the initial consultation to the final submission of my application, and even during the biometrics, Clarendon Park Chambers provided invaluable guidance and support.I got my visa approval in a very short period of time, and the whole credit goes to their highly professional and expert team. I highly recommend this law firm, as I personally have experienced everything good with the team.
I had the privilege of working with Mr Zainul Jafferji of Clarendon Park Chambers recently, and I cannot praise his expertise and dedication enough. From start to finish, he provided invaluable guidance and support, making the complex process of immigration much smoother and less daunting.He has an impressive depth of knowledge in immigration law. His understanding of the intricacies of the legal system was evident in every interaction.I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone in need of immigration services.Tasneem and Akberali Essajee
suhail tahirsuhail tahir
12:49 27 Apr 23
I’m very pleased and throughly satisfied with the professionalism of Mr. Jafferji and his team.Mr. Jafferji has presented my mother’s ADR case in such a professional manner to court that I, being a witness myself in this case, do admit that Mr. Jafferji has given thorough study and great deal of time to my mother’s case.Mr. Jafferji being one of the senior barrister in U.K. is expensive as compared to other barristers but I must say that his knowledge and professionalism worth every penny I spent. I highly recommend Mr. Jafferji to those who care for their loved one’s case more than their pocket because, with Mr. Jafferji, you will get justice sooner or later.ADR is one of the most difficult cases to deal with due to the rules and threshold home office has set but Mr. Jafferji has managed to get ADR visa for my mother through First Tear Tribunal (FTT).Finally, I thank you Mr. Jafferji and his team for all the support, suggestions and hard work they have done for me.
Kelvin BKelvin B
21:20 17 Mar 23
Immigration matters can be very stressful and I must say indeed it’s been a long journey, as a client I find it your work ethics and energy very encouraging. you helped us draft up legal documents in no time at all ahead of the appeal, you always got to us quickly and made it a seamless operation. After speaking to you the first time and knowing that you were our legal representative for this appeal my faith was restored, and my father mentioned how moved you were by this case so I knew deep down that you were going to come through for us and I must say you did an amazing job. This means so much to us as a family, to be able to reconnect after these years and I must say we got what our money’s worth as it is evident of the outcome of this appeal. If you want a knowledgeable legal representative at a reasonable price, go to Husefa Z Broachwalla, that’s my recommendation.
Usman YounasUsman Younas
22:05 09 Mar 23
I had a hearing on Wednesday 8th of march 2023. I was super happy with Mr Sheraaz Hingora. The way he argued and presented my case was absolutely amazing. He had all the knowledge about my case, it was clearly be seen he has done his home work very well. I highly recommend him. A*****


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